Brilliant Connections


Often educators are promoted to positions where they are expected to perform but have little to no skill development or training to help them be successful in their new role. This is where we can help.

I recently turned 30 and reflected on how time has passed so quickly. I’ve been teaching eighth-grade reading and language arts for seven years. I’m committed and dedicated to my students and my profession. I was promoted by the district to become a teacher on special assignment, where I am responsible for supporting the secondary schools in my system with their reading and language arts programs.

I was assessed by The Brilliance Project and identified areas for improvement. Through their targeted development programs, I was able to develop the skills and processes necessary for me to tackle any professional development session. Today, I'm thriving, confident and competent in my ever-changing position.

Time has passed quickly, I’m dedicated to my students and my profession, and I’ve been able to develop the skills necessary to be successful.