Matt McCoy

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer
The Brilliance Project

As Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at The Brilliance Project, Matt McCoy holds a pivotal role in shaping the organization's strategy and operations, driving business innovation, overseeing design and implementation initiatives, and leading research projects.

With over two decades of experience in global consulting, coaching, and leadership roles spanning the education, technology, and information sectors, Matt brings a wealth of expertise to The Brilliance Project. His knowledge encompasses diverse domains, including software development, data science, academic research, and program design and evaluation. These skills underpin the organization's strong commitment to evidence-based practices.

At the core of Matt's professional endeavors resides a deep-seated passion for learning, education, and the betterment of individuals and communities. His overarching mission is to empower leaders and educators to surpass their potential.

Matt provides personalized support and consultancy services to address the unique needs of The Brilliance Project's partners. His motivation is rooted in a profound understanding of the systemic challenges in education and the far-reaching impacts these challenges can have across generations.

He is recognized for his adept problem-solving skills and innovative thinking. Whether working on a local or global scale, he is unwavering in his commitment to overcoming obstacles that hinder progressive educational outcomes. His vision is to enable individuals, schools, and districts to unlock their full potential, achieve excellence, and positively transform the learning communities they serve.

Matt plays an instrumental role in advancing The Brilliance Project's mission to usher in positive change in the field of education.