We provide evidence-led services and programs that integrate adult wellbeing with instructional and leadership development, our practice areas include:

Adult Wellbeing

Our practices prioritize educator and leader wellbeing with instructional and leader professional learning. We focus on cultivating trust, fostering self-compassion, building resilience, and nurturing optimism, in parallel with traditional pedagogical professional learning.

Leadership Development

We provide comprehensive programs for new, experienced, and aspiring leaders. Our practice areas intersect with instructional leadership, strategic planning, and organizational development to enhance leadership skills and organizational effectiveness.

Coaching & Consultancy

Tailored coaching and consulting services are available for instructional improvement and leadership development, helping leaders and educators rapidly ascend and reach their professional goals.

Professional Learning

We offer diverse learning opportunities, resources, and workshops designed to keep educators and leaders at the forefront of educational practices and innovations.

PL Facilitator Development

Enhance your professional learning programs with our facilitator training, designed to equip educators with the skills for delivering impactful, research-based learning experiences, focusing on andragogy, pedagogical practices, instructional design, presentation skills, and participant engagement.

Curriculum Development

Our expertise lies in assisting with the implementation of effective curricula. We focus on enhancing teacher clarity, promoting assessment literacy, and fostering collaborative educational methodologies.

System Implementation

We support the adoption and implementation of new frameworks and methodologies in educational environments, ensuring the successful transition and integration of new practices.

Evaluation & Synthesis

Our team helps in structuring and performing site-wide needs assessments, utilizing data-driven approaches to accelerate continuous improvement and inform ongoing pedagogical and instructional strategies.

Resource Design

We specialize in creating customized educational resources, including lesson plans, assessments, and pedagogical tools, tailored to specific educational needs.

Keynote Speaking

Our engaging keynote presentations cover a range of topics including adult wellbeing, leadership, and educational strategies.
For more information, you can download our full services overview here.